An Outdoor Adventurer’s Paradise: 5 Awesome Places to Visit in Canada

Posted on December 26, 2019 Posted by Ronald Larson

An Outdoor Adventurer’s Paradise: 5 Awesome Places to Visit in Canada

Malls and museums are overrated. Your idea of a real vacation is spending as much time outdoors as possible. And when you travel to Canada, you want to experience everything that nature has to offer you.

So start building your itinerary. It’s time to look at 5 places to vacation in Canada that are filled with outdoor activities!

1. Glacier National Park

No matter what time of the year you decide to visit the Glacier National Park, it’ll be equally as beautiful. It’s home to Canada’s first transcontinental train route and is located in British Columbia. And you’ll have plenty of opportunities to explore it.

If arriving in the summer, consider signing up for tree tours which stretch throughout the boardwalk. And don’t forget to pack your hiking shoes. You won’t want to pass up the chance to climb up the mountains.

But before leaving British Columbia, look into booking a date to kayak with the whales in Johnstone Strait!

2. Churchill River

If hopping into a canoe and cruising down the Churchill River sounds like your kind of adventure, then head over to Missinipe, Sask. The full journey down the river is about 93 miles long. It’s one of the best outdoor trips.

And it travels through Otter Lake. Make sure to be on the lookout for a variety of wildlife. Bears, moose, and even bald eagles can be found throughout your river journey.

3. Valley of 1,000 Devils

Located in the Grasslands National Park of Saskatchewan, the Valley of 1,000 deaths is home to many hoodoos and quicksand pits. So if you love the thrill of dodging sinking sand, then the Valley of 1,000 devils is the place for you. It’s one of the places to vacation in Canada where you can truly connect with prehistoric life.

A 12-meter Hadrosaur fossil was found here. And it remains the home to other dinosaur fossils as well. So grab your paleontologist gear and start digging!

But don’t forget to get a glimpse at the K-T line while you’re there. It’s a white line in the Earth caused by the meteorite strick that killed these dinosaurs. And it’s visible here.

4. Miette Hot Springs

When traveling in the winter, the weather will be a little chilly out. So if you need a place to soak up some heat, head over to Miette Hot Springs located in Jasper National Park. As the water travels down from the mountain, it’s at a high temperature of 129°F.

But the water in the spring is a comfortable 104°F. Miette Hot Springs is a wonderful spot to warm up while enjoying nature’s scenic beauties. And some Canada vacation packages include this vacation spot a point of interest!

5. Hopewell Cape

Located in New Brunswick, Hopewell Cape is home to 40 ft tides that rise and fall twice a day. And you’ll want to be there to see the low tide and high tide. But once it’s low tide, you can step foot onto the ocean’s floor!

Visit the high tide first and then come back later in the day to explore the ocean floor. It’s truly a once in a lifetime experience. And if you don’t mind a four-hour drive, then heading over to Oak Island to search for legendary buried treasure left by pirates including William Kidd and Blackbeard should be your next stop!

Remarkable Places to Vacation in Canada

There are plenty of places to vacation in Canada that offer its visitors outdoor activities. So when planning your adventures in Canada, make sure to keep these 5 spots in mind. And depending on what activity fits your adventure desires best, choose your vacation spot!

And if you’re planning a trip to the Caribbean after visiting Canada, then you’ll want to read up on the pirate activity that takes place there.

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